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Peter Beardsworth is a practicing lawyer called to the bar in 1975 who has 43 years experience. During his career was both a sole practioner and the senior partner in a medium sized law firm. He has extensive experience before all courts, tribunals and boards in New Brunswick. Peter also appeared before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and Occupational Health and Safety Commission of Nova Scotia.

During the later years of his practice, Peter found that the use of mediators and the mediation process was an extremely helpful and beneficial tool to resolving conflicts between litigants prior to trial thus avoiding the huge costs and psychological anguish that many clients experience at the trial level.

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The mediation process can solve many disputes in a short time. Most mediation sessions usually last between 1-2 days. Also, mediation is far less expensive than litigation. Two factors for this is because there is a reduced amount of separation between parties and because both parties are hiring one professional. Mediation allows the parties to deal directly with each other, rather than relying on attorneys and paying an expensive hourly rate.

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